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Hospitals and Long-Term Care
Advanced Toxicology Laboratory Testing
Health Systems

Health Systems are made up of hospitals and medical groups and can benefit from our services  

Setting up a new laboratory 

The expert team at Assurity will assess your testing needs, test volumes, and space to help plan, build, and prepare your lab with step-by-step guidance and support. We will also help select and train your staff to assure that your lab employees only knowledgeable, top notch personnel. Our team will then continue to work side-by-side with you and your lab to offer guidance and consulting to assure that you stay one step ahead of the game in an industry that is constantly changing regulatory and compliance guidelines. We aim to keep your lab compliant and profitable, while maintaining a steady and long-term partnership with your practice.  

Managing or Consulting for an Existing Laboratory  

Even if you already have an in-house laboratory and do not need help setting one up, Assurity offers a variety of management services to help your laboratory succeed. Management contracts are tailored to your practice needs and can include Laboratory Directors, Technical Consultants, and general management. The management team will perform scheduled visits to your laboratory to monitor its performance and address any issues. While not onsite, the management team will be available via telephone and email for any required duties. 

Reference Lab Services 

Assurity and its partners are dedicated to providing the best testing possible to assure timely and accurate results for your Toxicology and Pathogen Identification needs. This allows you to make a confident diagnosis and best treatment plan for the best care of your patients. 

Long-Term Facilities

Many older adults and those with disabilities are more likely to suffer from multiple chronic conditions requiring multiple physicians and prescriptions. Many times, there is a lack of communication and the patient is on many different drugs of which the physician is unaware. This adds a layer of challenge to medication management 

Many problems can arise from this issue, including: 

• Medication errors 

• Adverse Drug Events 

• Accidental Overdose 

• Addiction 

At Assurity, our goal is to reduce the challenge of medication management with state-of-the-art testing services and superior supportWe offer drug screens and confirmation testing, including many drug metabolites, to aid physicians in the management of patient prescriptions. This leads to lower adverse events and an increase in the quality of patient care